The Great Books

There’s a reason most colleges don’t teach the Great Books.
(The Great Books ask you to actually think.)

students at seminar table

No matter what your major, the academic experience at Saint Mary’s is rooted in the four courses that make up Collegiate Seminar. In Seminar, students read Plato, Descartes and Darwin. They argue and analyze, debate and discuss. And they find themselves engaged in the kind of intense intellectual activity that can only result in truly groundbreaking thought.

Saint Mary’s is one of only five colleges in the country with a required Great Books curriculum. It’s a more open-ended approach, to be sure, but the College sees it as a training ground for everything that matters: the ability to think critically, listen to other perspectives, argue effectively and see the complexity in every issue.

SMC alumni often say that seminar prepared them for their lives and careers better than any other coursework during their four years in college.

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